About me!

Hello! I'm a freelance magazine writer blogging from my little Ellie & Co office, here in the seaside town of Brighton in England. I love writing, finding secret places, road trips, unusual museums, date night, the 60s, white wine, kitschy ornaments, New York (I'm borderline obsessed) and my fat cat, Eddie. If you'd like to contact me with a query, please do at any time at ellie@ellie-and-co.co.uk, or find me on Instagram or Twitter.

" I am the one who will choose the squiggliest line on the map, rather than the Interstate highway, every single time. I am the one who gets excited about driving 200 miles out of my way to see a giant concrete prairie dog. I am the one who will add an extra day to our trip to make sure we have enough time to spend at Wall Drug. I also have a thing for jackalopes, I brake for any coffee-pot-shaped building, and I have a bright yellow hat shaped like cartoon Swiss cheese." Chandler O'Leary, illustrator

(What she said.)

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